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Listing presenters


Name Events
David Budescu CQA Spring 2005
David Coats CQA Spring 2010
David Cushing CQA Spring 2002, CQA Spring 1998, CQA...
David DeRosa CQA Fall 1998
David Dreman CQA Fall 1996
David Gardner CQA Spring 2010
David Golub CQA Spring 2001
David Gowing CQA Spring 2004
David Hammerstein CQA Fall 2004
David McLean CQA Fall 2007
David Ng CQA Fall 2002
David Reilly CQA Spring 2008
David Robinson CQA Fall 1999
David Russ CQA Fall 2001
David Stein CQA Fall 2000
David Trainer CQA Spring 2022
David Weisberger CQA Quant Trading Seminar 2014
David Zach CQA Fall 2004
David Zion CQA Fall 2013
Dean Barr CQA Fall 1997
Dean Oliver CQA Fall 2012
Dean Thompson CQA Spring 2004
Deepa Mahidhara CQAsia 2016
Delaney Granizo-MacKenzie CQA Fall 2016
Delaney Mackenzie CQA Fall 2017