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Listing presenters


Name Events
Craig MacFarlane CQA Fall 2016
Curt Engler CQA Quant Trading Seminar 2010
Dacheng Xiu CQA Fall 2018
Dag Wetterwald CQA Spring 2018
Dale Rosenthal CQA Spring 2010, CQA Spring 2012, CQA...
Dan Cardell CQA Fall 2004, CQAsia 2013, CQA Fall ...
Dan Cashion CQA Fall 2015
Dan Coker CQA Spring 2003
Dan DiBartolomeo CQA Spring 2012, CQAsia 2013, CQAsia ...
Dan Hoffer CQA Spring 2012
Dan Stefek CQA Fall 2008
Dan Storm CQA Spring 2004
Dan Whaley CQA Fall 2015
Dan Xystus CQA Fall 2002
Daniel Ellsberg CQA Fall 2016
Daniel Giamourdis CQA Fall 2019
Danielle Gordon CQA Fall 1995
Daryl Morey CQA Fall Conference
Dat Mai CQA Fall 2021
Dave Byrket CQA Spring 2017
Dave Coughenour CQAsia 2013, CQAsia 2012, CQA Spring ...
Dave Pope CQAsia 2013, CQA Spring 2014
Dave Weisberger CQA Quantitative Trading Seminar 2015
David Andrew Finer CQA Spring 2022
David Baker CQA Spring 1998