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CQA Spring 1996

Chicago, IL

Event begins: Apr 18, 1996

Event ends: Apr 19, 1996

Presenter Title Organization
Christopher Campisano Limitations in Applying Asset Allocation Theory - Behavioral and Political Constraints Xerox Corporation
Gary Kominski Portfolio Approach to Alternative Investments RogersCasey
George Chow Mean/Variance and Tracking error Efficient Portfolios - Capturing Two Dimensions of Risks Simultaneously Windham Capital Management
Laurence B. Siegel Implications of Exposure to Illiquid Asset Classes - Measuring Risk and Return Ford Foundation
McCue Conway Why Sponsors Don't Buy, Standard Optimization, & Asymmetric Correlations During Different Market Environments John Deere
Robert A. Brown Value of Rebalancing - Potential Benefits versus Real Time Difficulties SEI
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