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CQA Fall 1996

Chicago, IL

Event begins: Sep 12, 1996

Event ends: Sep 13, 1996

Presenter Title Organization
Campbell Harvey What Matters for Emerging Markets Investments Duke University
David Dreman Analyst Forecasting Errors and Their Implications for Security Analysis Dreman Foundation
John Gilster Option Pricing Theory: Is Risk Free Hedging Feasible? Michigan State University
Jonathan Berk Optional Investment Growth Options The University of British Columbia
Josef Lakonishok Momentum Strategies University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kent Womak Conflict of Interest and the Credibility of Underwriter Analyst Recommendations The Amos Tuck School Dartmouth College
Kieron Dey Breakthrough Improvements of Investment Processes QualPro
Larry Brown Analyst Forecasting Errors and Their Implications for Security Analysts State University of New York at Buffalo
Peter Bernstein The Savings Crisis: Real or Imagined? Peter Bernstein Inc.
Rob Engel Volatility and Correlation Models in the Portfolio Process University of California San Diego (2003 Nobel Prize Winner
Robert Jarrow C. Pricing Derivatives on Financial Securities Subject to Credit Risk Cornell Graduate School of Business
Russ Wermers Momentum Investment Strategies of Mutual Funds Performance Persistence and Survivorship Bias University of Colorado at Boulder
Tarun Chordia Differential Speeds of Adjustments Cross-Autocorrelations Vanderbilt University
William Goetzmann Survival Yale School of Management
Charles Jones Macroeconomic news and Bond Marketing Volatility Princeton University
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