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CQA Fall 1998

Chicago, IL

Event begins: Sep 12, 1998

Event ends: Sep 13, 1998

Presenter Title Organization
Anirvan Banerji Economic and Financial Cycles Economical Cycle Research Institute
Bhaskran Swaminathan Price Momentum and Trading Volume Cornell University
David DeRosa Currency Shocks and Financial Modeling DeRosa Research and Trading
Douglas Skinner Earnings Surprises Growth Expectations and Stock Returns or Don't Let a Torpedo Stock Sink Your Portfolio University of Michigan
Lowell Catlett Future Worlds-Future Minds New Mexico State University
Masako Darrough A Behavior Model of Earnings Forecasts: Top Down versus Bottom Up University of Carolina-Davis
Owen Lamont Economic Tracking Portfolios University of Chicago
Philip Casciotti The Power of Scenarios in Financial Modeling SRI Consulting
Richard Sloan Using Cash Flow Data for New Insight into Firm Earnings Performance University of Michigan
Spencer Martin Understanding the Nature of the Risks and the Sources of the Rewards to Momentum Investing University of Pennsylvania
Steve Englander EMU: Issues and Implications Salomon Smith Barney
Steve Lim Built-in Biases in Analyst Forecasts When Beliefs Change City University of New York
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