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CQA Spring 2001

Las Vegas, NV

Event begins: Apr 18, 2001

Event ends: Apr 19, 2001

Presenter Title Organization
Tuomo Vuolteenaho Who Underreacts to Cash-flow News? Harvard University
Steve Strongin The Impact of Benchmarks on Active Equity Management Goldman Sachs
Louis Chan The Level and Persistence of Growth Rates University of Illinois
Pankaj Agrrawal Bridging the Gap Between Quantitative and Fundamental Analysis Villanova Capital
Brad Barber Are Individual Investors Tax Savvy? University of California - Davis
Christopher Polk The Value Spread Northwestern University
David Golub Introduction to Crossover Investing Octane Capital Management
Howard Schilit Financial Shenanigans: How to Systematically Detect Them Center for Financial Research and Analysis
Jarrod Wilcox A Better Framework for Multi-period Investing Panagora Asset Management
Jonathan Berk Valuation and return Dynamics of New Ventures University of California - Berkeley
Gus Sauter Issues in Risk Measurement Vanguard
Bob Jones Issues in Risk Measurement Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Tony Elavia Issues in Risk Measurement Putnam
Mark Ferrari Issues in Risk Measurement Barra
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