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CQA Spring 2003

Las Vegas, NV

Event begins: Apr 18, 2003

Event ends: Apr 19, 2003

Presenter Title Organization
Martin Herzberg Modeling Hedge Fund Performance Spring Mountain Capital
Marty Doyle Single Stock Futures One Chicago
Matt Baker Betting on NHL Games Edge Research
Sebastian Ceria Overcoming Estimation Error in Portfolio Construction: Update in the Latest Developments in Optimization Axioma Inc.
Joe Mezrich Do Dividends Really Matter? UBS Warburg
John Dvorak Trends in Computing PC Magazine
Marc Reinganum Small Cap Investment Performance Following Multi-Year Market Lows Oppenheimer Funds
Francis Longstaff The Flight-to-Liquidity Premium in US Treasury Bond Prices UCLA
Ed Yardeni Earnings Dividends. and Valuations Prudential Securities
Dan Coker An Analysis of the Hedge Fund Universe: Benefits of a Granular Classification System Morgan Stanley Capital International
Diane Garnick There's No Accounting for Quants State Street Global Advisors
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