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CQA Fall 2003

Chicago, IL

Event begins: Sep 12, 2003

Event ends: Sep 13, 2003

Presenter Title Organization
Werner DeBondt Investing with Style DePaul University
Vernon Smith Markets Capital Markets and Globalization Nobel Prize Winner
Wayne Ferson Evaluating Fixed Income Fund Returns With Stochastic Discount Factors Boston College
Scott Richardson Earnings Quality and Future Stock Returns Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania
Malcom Baker Investor Sentiment and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns Harvard Business School
Marc Labonte Is There a Bubble in Housing? Congressional Research Service
Luigi Zingales Why Investors Should Care About the Foundation of Capitalism University of Chicago
Josef Lakonishok Analyst's Conflict of Interest and Biases in Earnings Forecasts LSV Asset Management / University of Illinois
John Binder The History of Organized Crime in Chicago Author
Doron Avramov Stock Returns are Predictable: A Firm Level Analysis University of Maryland
Allen Poteshman The Information in Option Pricing for Stock Prices University of Illinois
Manuel Arsenio Perils of the Short Side Arsenio & Co.
Owen Lamont Perils of the Short Side Yale University
Todd Doersch Perils of the Short Side Cognitive Investment Management
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