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CQA Spring 2005

Las Vegas, NV

Event begins: Apr 18, 2005

Event ends: Apr 19, 2005

Presenter Title Organization
Francis Longstaff Nickels in Front of a Steamroller?: Fixed Income Arbitrage UCLA
Guillermo MacLean In Search of a Breakthrough: Issues in the Business of Investment Management Sanford Bernstein
Keith Black How the VIX Ate My Kurtosis Illinois Institute of Technology
Manolis Liodakis Predicting European Takeover Targets Smith Barney
Neil Chriss Portfolio Optimization From Ordering Information SAC Investment
Steve Williams Current Regulation Issues Securities and Exchange Commission
Stuart Sweet Federal Political Risk Management: How to Make Money Off of Wahsington The Capitol Analysts Network
Douglas Skinner Is Guidance a Macro Factor? The Nature and Information Content of Aggregate Earnings Guidance University of Michigan
Billy Beane Moneyball Oakland Athletics
David Budescu Can Competitive Markets Eliminate Cognitive Biases? University of Illinois
Barry Feldman PMVD: A New Tool for Model Construction and Investment Analysis Prism Analyitics
Bassam Yousif Economic Policies in Iraq Indiana State University


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