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CQA Fall 2005

Chicago, IL

Event begins: Sep 12, 2005

Event ends: Sep 13, 2005

Presenter Title Organization
Ajay Khorana Board Structure Mergers Georgia Tech
Ambassador Barbara Bodine Ad Hoc'ing Our Way to Baghdad Harvard University
Robert Hagin Beyond the Torpedo Effect: Building Factor-Based Portfolios Hagin Investment Management
Robert Kurson Shadow Divers: Mystery and Adventure at the Bottom of the Atlantic Author
Weili Ge Off-Balance-Sheet Activities Earnings Persistence and Stock Prices: Evidence From Operation Leases University of Michigan
Paula Tkac Star Power: Assessing the Effect of an Information Intermediary on Mutual Fund Flows Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Paul Zak Recent Advances in Neuroeconomics: Implications for Investment Management Claremont University
Karl Diether Supply and Demand Shifts in the Shorting Markets Ohio State University
Gergana Jostova Momentum and Credit Rating George Washington University
Bob Litterman Are Constraints Eating your Alpha? Goldman Sachs
Fabrice Rouah Survival and Mortality of Hedge Funds McGill University
Bob Sehr Algorithmic Trading: Past, Present and Future Jefferies
David Cushing Algorithmic Trading: Past, Present and Future Lehman Brothers
Ian Domowitz Algorithmic Trading: Past, Present and Future ITG
Adam Sussman Algorithmic Trading: Past, Present and Future Tabb Group
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