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CQA Fall 2006

Chicago, IL

Event begins: Sep 12, 2006

Event ends: Sep 13, 2006

Presenter Title Organization
Don Phillips How Well Does Indexing Serve Investors Morningstar
Eric Smith Is Economics the Next Physical Science? Santa Fe Institute
Feng Li Do Stock Market Investors Understand the Risk Sentiment of Corporate Annual Reports University of Michigan
Harm de Blij Why Geography Matters Author
Ian Bremmer The J-Curve: A New Way to Understand Why Nations Rise and Fall Eurasia Group
Jack Brush Value/Growth Investing Columbine Capital Services
Jim Ware The Leadership Edge: Building a Winning Investment Culture Focus Consulting Group
Lauren Cohen Economic Links and Predictable Returns Yale University
Marco Vangelisti The Capacity of an Equity Strategy Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo
Milan Borkovec Let's Play Hide and Seek: The Location and Size of Undisclosed Limit Order Volume ITG
Oleg Bonderenko Portfolio Returns Due to Short Positions in Volatility University of Illinois - Chicago
Steven Heston Seasonality in the Cross-Section of Stock Returns University of Maryland
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