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CQA Spring 2008

Las Vegas, NV

Event begins: Apr 18, 2008

Event ends: Apr 19, 2008

Presenter Title Organization
Bruce Carlin Strategic Price Complexity in Retail Financial Markets UCLA
Caleb Wong Living in the Tail: A Quant's Perspective on Investing in Insurance-Linked Securities Oppenheimer Funds
David Reilly Stripped-Down Poker University of Arizona and Yahoo! Research
Diane Garnick Trends in Fund Management for Plan Sponsors Invesco
Ed Viesturs No Shortcuts to the Top Mountaineer Author
Jeffrey Ma Bringing Down the House MIT Blackjack Team
Jonathan Reiss Real Estate Meets Modern Portfolio Theory Analytical Synthesis LLC
Jonathan Sokobin Assessing Risk During Turbulent Times SEC -- Director of Office of Risk Assessment
Kewei Hou Resurrecting the Size Effect: Firm Size Profitability Shocks Ohio State University
Scott Weisbenner Individual Account Investment Options and Portfolio Choice: Behavioral Lessons from 401(k) Plans University of Illinois
Sorin Sorescu Short Interest as a Bearish Signal Texas A&M University
Ed Tom Option Market Feedback: What Can Modelers Use? Credit Suisse
Paul Staneski Option Market Feedback: What Can Modelers Use? Credit Suisse
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