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CQA Spring 2013

Las Vegas

Event begins: Apr 17, 2013

Event ends: Apr 18, 2013

The 2013 Spring Conference was held at the Wynn Hotel and the dinner reception was held at the Stratosphere.

Presenter Title Organization
Bob Jones Decisions, Decisions System 2
Anat Admati The Banker's New Clothes: What's Wrong with Banking and What To Do About It Stanford University
Nick Baltas Momentum Strategies in Futures Markets and Trend Following Funds Imperial College - London
Sven Beiker The Future of Personal Mobility: Near-term Trends and Long-term Visions Stanford University
Lisa Goldberg Will My Risk Parity Strategy Outperform UC Berkeley
Lloyd Kurtz Socially Responsible Investing Around the World Nelson Capital
Rosy Macedo Has All the Opportunity in Developed Markets Been Absorbed? QS Investors
Jeff Greason Private Industry and Economic USe of Space XCor
Kevin Pleiter predictive Portfolio Management- Rule Induction Based Methods for Portfolio Construction and Risk Analysis Dassault Systems
John Wightkin CQA Challenge Update Charkes Schwab
Jeff Brown A Primer on Setting Up a Quant Shop 18 Asset Management
Dave Coughenour CQA Challenge Update Chicago Equity Partners
Ed Keon Compliance Best Practices for Quant Managers QMA Associates
Jose Menchero Do Risk Models Cause Manager Crowding MSCI


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