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CQA Fall 2011

Chicago, IL

Event begins: Sep 13, 2011

Event ends: Sep 15, 2011

Chicago Conference Schedule

Tuesday  Sept. 13   8:00 - 10:00 Cocktail Reception - Gage Resturaunt

Wednesday  Sept 14  8:30 - 5:00  Conference - University Club

                       6:00 - 7:00  Cocktails  - Chicago Cultural Center

                       7:00 - 9:00  Dinner  -  Chicago Cultural Center

Thursday  Sept 15   9:00 - 4:00  Conference - University Club

Presenter Title Organization
Buhui Qui Options-Implied Variance and Future Stock Returns Erasmus University
Vallapuzha Sandhya Agency Problems in Target-Date Funds Georgia State University
Leonard Mlodinow The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives California Institute of Technology
Lauren Willis Against Financial Literacy Education Loyola Law School
Tom Mitchell Learning to Read the Web Carnegie Mellon University
Tom Phillips Simple and Robust Risk Budgeting with Expected Shortffall BNP Paribas
Tzee-man Chow A Comprehensive Study of Alternative Betas Research Affiliates
Phil Vasan Mars Needs Quants -- The Coming Influence of Quant Trading Across Asset Management Credit Suisse
Richard Peterson Predicting Market Prices and Sentiment Analysis of Social Media MarketPsy Capital
Jess Schell The Art of Game Design Shell Games and Carnegie Mellon University
Richard Sloan What Makes Stock Prices Move UC Berkeley
Nitish Ranjan Sinha Underreaction to News in the U.S. Stock Market University of Illinois at Chicago
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