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CQA Fall 2021

Virtual Event

Event begins: Sep 15, 2021

Event ends: Sep 16, 2021

The annual Fall CQA Conference will occur with the annual academic competition being held as a virtual event.

Presenter Title Organization
Dat Mai "Economic Narratives and Market Outcomes: A Semi-Supervised Topic Modeling Approach" University of Missouri
William Mullins "Echo Chambers" University of California, San Diego
Tengjia Shu "Identifying Signals of the Cross Section of Stock Returns" University of Iowa
Jens Ludwig “Using Data Science to Solve Social Problems” University of Chicago
Nick Bollen “Hedge Fund Performance: End of an Era?” Vanderbilt University
Robert Bryce “A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations” Author/Journalist
Ralph Koijen “Origins of Financial Fluctuations: The Inelastic Markets Hypothesis” University of Chicago
Lubos Pastor “Dissecting Green Returns” University of Chicago
Paul Sheard “Modern Monetary Theory: What You Need to Know” Harvard Kennedy School
Raisa Velthuis “ETF Heartbeat Trades, Tax Efficiencies and Clienteles: The Role of Taxes in the Flow Migration from Active Mutal Funds to ETF’s” Villanova University
Eric Stockland “Implementing An Algo Wheel – A Broker’s Perspective” BMO Capital Markets
Thomas Kramer “Quantum Computing: Its Potential and Its Challenges” IonQ
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