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CQA Fall 2017


Event begins: Sep 13, 2017

Event ends: Sep 14, 2017

The annual Fall CQA Conference will be held at the Mid-America Club on the 80th floor of the Aon Building in downtown Chicago.

The Tuesday night reception will be held at the Safehouse at 60 E. Ontario Street in Downtown Chicago.

Presenter Title Organization
Kevin Mullally Prime (Information) Brokerage University of Alabama
Xintong Zhan How Do Smart Beta ETFs Affect the Asset Management Industry? Evidence from Mutual Fund Flows Erasmus Rotterdam University
Chen Xue Replicating Anomalies University of Cincinnati
Yin Luo Machine Learning Takeovers Wolfe Research
Sophie Shive Exchange Traded Funds and Asset Return Correlations University of Notre Dame
Pankaj Patel ETF and Asset Return Practical Implications Cirrus Research
Stephen Malinak AI and Text Mining for Responsible Investors TruValue Labs
Namho Kang “What do Measures of Real-Time Corporate Sales Say About Earning Surprises and Past Announcement Returns?” University of Connecticut
Fred Travis “Transcendental Meditation and Reducing Urban Violence: Research and Statistical Analysis” Maharishi University
Jeff Howe “Whiplash – How to Survive our Faster Future” MIT
John Horcher “Immersive Reality Data Visualization: Moving from ‘Wow’ to How” Virtual Cove
Bob Levy “Immersive Reality Data Visualization: Moving from ‘Wow’ to How” Virtual Cove
Jonathan Larkin “Deep Learning in Crowd-Sourced Alpha” Quantopian
Delaney Mackenzie “Deep Learning in Crowd-Sourced Alpha” Quantopian
Hilla Skiba “Portfolio Concentration and Performance of Institutional Investors Worldwide” Colorado State University
Howard Tullman “Future Proofing Your Business: Critical Trends and Technologies” 1871


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