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CQAsia Academic Competition Winners

2016 Winners

First Place

Li An at Tsinghua University - "Lottery-Related Anomalies: The Role of Reference-Dependent Preferences

Second Place 

Xintong Zhan at Erasmus University Rotterdam - "How Do Investors Measure Fund Performance? The Role of Exchange Traded Funds"

Third Place

Shujing Wang at Shanghai Finance University - "Demand Shock, Speculative Beta, and Asset Prices: Evidence from the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program

2015 Winners

First Place

Kyung Hwan Shim at University of New South Wales - "Contraction Options: Implications for the Profitability-Return Relation and Momentum Profits"

Second Place

Weikai Li at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - "Macros, Disagreements and the Cross Section of Stock Returns"

Third Place 

Ebrahim Bazrafshan at Universiti Sains Malaysia - "The Impact of Earnings Management on the Extent of Disclosure and True Financial Performance: Evidence from Listed Firms in Hong Kong