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Listing presenters


Name Events
Carl Ledbetter CQA Fall 2007
Casimir C. Klimasauskas CQA Fall 1995
Charles Cao CQA Fall 2008
Charles Gabriel CQA Fall 2012, CQA Spring 2014
Charles Jones CQA Fall 2000, CQA Fall 1996
Charles M. C. Lee CQA Fall 1995
Charles Wang CQA Spring 2021
Chase Lochmiller CQA Quant Trading Seminar 2012
Chayawat Ornthanalai CQA Spring 2016
Chen Xue CQA Fall 2017
Chen Yao CQAsia 2018
Cheol Eun CQA Fall 2004
Chris Chaney CQA Fall 2018
Chris Kantos CQA Spring 2014
Christo Pirinsky CQA Fall 2002
Christopher Campisano CQA Spring 1996
Christopher Geczy CQA Fall 1999
Christopher Polk CQA Spring 2007, CQA Spring 2004, CQA...
Christopher Westenberg CQAsia 2018
Chuck Gabriel CQA Fall 2016
Cindy Nelson CQA Spring 1999
Clark Pellington Best Practices 2014
Claude Erb CQA Fall 2007, CQA Spring 2014, CQA S...
Cliff Asness CQA Spring 2000
Conson Zhang CQA Spring 2019