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Listing presenters


Name Events
William Goetzmann CQA Fall 1996
William Hoskins CQA Spring 2010
William Ziemba CQA Spring 2012
Xi Li CQA Fall 2010, CQA Fall 2002, CQAsia ...
Xintong Zhan CQAsia 2015, CQA Fall 2017
Yin Luo CQA Spring 2012, CQA Spring 2014, CQA...
Yinggang Zhou CQAsia 2014
Yuan Ding CQAsia 2016
Yuehua Tang CQA Fall 2010
Zack Ziliak CQA Best Practices 2013
Zhenyu Wang CQA Fall 1994
Zhi Da CQA Fall 2009
Zhuanxin Ding CQA Spring 2011
Zoran Ivkovic CQA Fall 2004
Zsuzsanna Fluck CQA Fall 1995