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Listing presenters


Name Events
Andrew Lo CQA Spring 1999, CQA Fall 1997
Andrew Wu CQA Spring 2016
Angelo Calvello CQA Spring 2009
Anirvan Banerji CQA Fall 1998
Ankur Pareek CQA Fall 2010
Anoush Hakimi CQA Spring 2016
Anthony Kolten CQA Spring 1995
Antti Ilmanen CQA Spring 2007
Ari Paul CQA Spring 2018
Ariell Reshef CQA Fall 2009
Arik Bendor CQA Spring 2017
Arthur Cockfield CQA Spring 2017
Arthur Warga CQA Spring 1999
Axel Merk CQA Spring 2006
Barr Rosenberg CQA Spring 2015
Barry Feldman CQA Fall 2010, CQA Spring 2005
Barry Gillman CQA Fall 2008
Baruch Lev CQA Fall 2000
Bassam Yousif CQA Spring 2005
Ben Springett CQA Quantitative Trading Seminar 2017
Benjamin Alamar CQA Spring 2011
Benjamin Golez CQA Fall 2009
Benson Durham CQA Spring 2016
Bernhard Scherer CQA Fall 2014
Berry Cox CQA Spring 1998, CQA Fall 1999, CQA F...