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Jose Menchero

LinkedIn Profile
Mr. Jose Menchero has been Managing Director of MSCI Inc. since February 2014. Jose joined MSCI in 2007 from Thomson Financial where he was Head of Quantitative Research. At MSCI, Jose has worked extensively on equity risk model research. In his current position as Head of Portfolio Analytics Applied Research at MSCI, Jose is responsible for exploring the most effective ways to apply quantitative investment tools to risk analysis and portfolio construction. Prior to entering finance, Jose was a Professor of Physics at the University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His area of research was in the Quantum Theory of Solids, and he also has several publications in this field.

Event Title Organization
CQA Best Practices 2013 Risk Models and Model Risks MSCI
CQA Spring 2013 Do Risk Models Cause Manager Crowding MSCI
CQA Spring 2017 "Multi-Asset Class Risk Models: Overcoming the Curse of Dimensionality" Bloomberg