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Listing presenters


Name Events
Aaron Schweiger CQA Spring 2016
Adam Sussman CQA Fall 2005
Ajay Khorana CQA Fall 2005
Ajay Patel CQA Fall 1997
Al Slawsky CQA Fall 1999
Alan Lewis CQA Fall 1994
Alexander Samarov CQA Spring 1999
Allen Poteshman CQA Fall 2003
Ambassador Barbara Bodine CQA Fall 2005
Anat Admati CQA Spring 2013
Andrea Buraschi CQA Spring 2012
Andrea Frazzini CQA Spring 2006, CQA Fall 2004
Andrea Yinjia Lu CQA Fall 2013
Andrei Shleifer CQA Spring 1999
Andrew Berkin CQA Spring 2011
Andrew J. Morton CQA Fall 1994
Andrew Lo CQA Spring 1999, CQA Fall 1997
Andrew Wu CQA Spring 2016
Angelo Calvello CQA Spring 2009
Anirvan Banerji CQA Fall 1998
Ankur Pareek CQA Fall 2010
Anoush Hakimi CQA Spring 2016
Anthony Kolten CQA Spring 1995
Antti Ilmanen CQA Spring 2007
Ariell Reshef CQA Fall 2009