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CQA Fall 1999

Chicago, IL

Event begins: Sep 12, 1999

Event ends: Sep 13, 1999

Presenter Title Organization
Al Slawsky 25 Years of Physics & Phinance M.D. Sass
Bill Sterling Boomernomics Trilogy Advisors
Christopher Geczy Is the Abnormal Return Following Equity Issuances Anomalous? University of Pennsylvania
David Robinson Industry Concentration and Industry Average Returns University of Chicago
Hal White A Reality Check for Data Snooping University of California San Diego
John Kling Industry Return Predictability Washington State University
Marnix Vriezen European Long/Short Investing - How can U.S. Managers Participate? Robeco Group - Netherlands
Martha Sellars Using Equity Market Information to Measure and Manage Credit Risk KMV
Paul Hoffman The Man Who Loved Only Numbers Author
Richard Warr The Decline of Inflation and the Bull Market of 1982 - 1997 Kansas State University
Todd Doersch Consultant Viewpoint Barra
Ron Gold Consultant Viewpoint Callan
Greg Rogers Consultant Viewpoint Rogers Casey
Dan Cardell Perspectives from Wall Street Weiss, Peck & Greer
Berry Cox Perspectives from Wall Street DLJ
Ed Keon Perspectives from Wall Street Prudential
Joe Mezrich Perspectives from Wall Street Morgan Stanley
Eric Sorensen Perspectives from Wall Street Salomon Smith Barney
Rich Bernstein Perspectives from Wall Street Merrill Lynch
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