CQA Institute Scholarships

The cost for the entire program is $2,500, which includes Room and Board. There will be scholarships available which are provided by CQA members and affiliated companies. Listed below are the current scholarships available:

Special Criteria

CQA Challenge – Team member from a participant in this year’s CQA Challenge

CQA Member – Available to a relative of a current CQA member

U.S. Military Veteran – Available to a veteran of military service or a student heading to military service – Gift from Steve Snider

European Candidate – Available to a student attending a university located in Europe

Financial Need – Available to a student with financial constraints – Gift from David Byrket

School Scholarships: 

University of Pittsburgh – Gift from Dan Cardell

Dartmouth University – Gift from Gus Sauter

Wilkes University – Gift from Dan Cardell

Rensselaer Polytechnic University (RPI) – Gift from Pankaj Patel

University of Massachusetts at Lowell – Gift from Ed Keon

Check out the CQA Institute website for more information on scholarships:

CQA Institute Scholarships